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INTERNET POSSIBILITIES FOR YOUR COMPANY  SCHOOL AND YOU                                                                                                         
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Promote your company through:  Advertisements, Automatic response, Business Presentations, Book Covers, Digital Photo Editing, YouTube Movies, Photo Sessions, Flyers, Calendars, Newsletters, Posters, Business Cards, or Websites
Photo presentations to highlight your company, companies’ activities, events and employees can be created as a collage, poster or be placed on a company website.  
Acknowledgement of your name, company name or logo in my e-book on photography is a possibility.

See ‘info’ on this site about the various possibilities for your company.

Do you know “Scrapbook”? It’s a new hit from the USA.
I give “Scrapbook” workshops for teachers, adults and elderly. I can teach you how to create your own scrapbook based on your pictures using my special design background.

Do you like to give your child a proud feeling? You came to the right place, I can offer you a sports or music poster full of action photos of your child, grandchild or partner.
These posters are sharp and glossy, and can be printed in the format 70x100cm
Sports and activities you can think of:
Ballet, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Fitness, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Baseball, Judo, Karate, Netball, Rowing, Skating, Surfing, Tennis, Gymnastics, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Sailing. If you like other sports just let me know.
On this website you can find information written in Dutch and English about these sports.
If you like, I can also teach you how to make great action shots all by yourself.

To that purpose, I give on-line courses in photography and I have a 42-page e-book course itinerary currently written in Dutch (to be translated in English at a later stage).

By purchasing this ‘Photography Handbook ‘you will always receive free updates, when there are new developments in the field of photography. Even you can add to the document by sending me comments. Together with your input, this book will become a living document.

If you do already know everything about photography, I can assist you with modifying your creations using “Photoshop”.  Please send me an e-mail with your specific needs.  See further advice and useful links on this website. You can follow Catty’s Blog these days with unprecedented surprising opportunities.






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